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3 Reasons Why Old Electronics Don’t Belong In the Trash

Electronic Equipment LandfillThis is Part 2 of 4 blog postings that will help explain why electronics (E-Waste) don’t belong in the trash. There are 3 main reasons that we will break down and why it’s important.

1.      There are toxic chemicals inside electronics. Electronics contain chemicals like lead, mercury, beryllium, cadmium, arsenic, and halogenated flame retardants in the plastics.   Electronics, like old TV’s and CRT monitors contain between 4-8 lbs of lead in them (among other chemicals). It is widely known the effects of lead on humans.  When these items are sent to landfills they will eventually break down over time and the concern is that these toxins could leach into groundwater.  Many people argue that landfill linings will prevent this but many landfills were developed prior to the double lining requirement came into effect. In addition, many experts agree that all landfills will fail eventually, although it may be in 100 years, according to the Electronics TakeBack Coalition. Deeming it inappropriate to bury these toxic chemicals for future generations to deal with

2.      There are recyclable materials in electronics. Many of the metals used in electronics can be recycled for manufacturing new products. With the rising cost of metals, this is a tremendous waste of a non-renewable resource by burying them in landfills.

3.      Landfill space is limited. Electronics also take up a lot of room in the landfills – picture those large tube TVs and monitors, printers, VCRs, etc.  Some states or counties are running out of room in their landfills, and its expensive to build new ones.

Recycling your electronics is easier than most people think. Most counties have scheduled drop off dates and the number of local recyclers is growing.  Just do a search online for “electronics recycling {your county name}” and you will likely find someone.  It may take a little extra effort than just throwing electronics into the trash but hopefully the 3 reasons above will incent you to make that effort.

If you are located in the Ocala, Gainesville or Marion County area, Sun Digital is hosting an electronics recycling charity event, on March 30th, 2011 where the proceeds earned will be donated to the Early Learning Coalition. You can find the details on the Sun Digital website link above.

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  1. Good points

  2. This reminds us just how important it is to raise money for charity. Its comic relief time in the UK and its great to see all the celbrities putting their hands up and getting involved to raise money for people in need.

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