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Part 2- Top 10 Uses For Virtualization For Small Businesses

Top 10 Uses For VirtualizationIn the IT world we keep hearing about the cloud and virtualization as the method to create the cloud, connect the clouds.   This is Part 2 of the 2 Part series as laid out in  Top 10 uses for Virtualization,  by Dell in “The Many Applications of Virtualization” and why it’s important to your business. Part 1 of 10 Uses For Virtualization covered uses 1-5. Below wraps up uses 6-10 and the business benefit of that use.

6. Lab automation software is the part of virtualization that essentially allows you to capture the state of a system or an application.  An IT person can then duplicate it, multiple times if needed (re-provisioning), without really consuming a lot of extra resources. An example of this is adding new user profile and settings.

The business benefit: More efficient and agile IT team.

7.  Security with virtual machines is inherently better and has more options than physical systems. For example, with virtualization, you have a new layer in the data center that sits in between your physical hardware and software. In that layer you can tap in with security tools and see what’s happening with antivirus checking or intrusion detection checking or things of that nature.

The business benefit: Less security breaches and a more efficient IT team. Since the IT person can look across the entire IT system at the same time.

8. Virtual Desktops-We’ve covered this subject and the many benefits to a business in Desktop Virtualization Simplified blog post.

9.  IT as a service, or cloud computing, allows IT companies like Sun Digital to fix IT problems much faster than before by fixing IT the problem in the cloud vs. on-site.

The business benefit: Quicker IT resolution of problem(s) and less downtime.

10. Acts as a bridge to externally provide services or clouds. As you go virtual internally, it becomes much easier to link up to an external cloud and essentially share resources between them. An example of this is “renting” space in a data center that offers disaster recovery services.

The business benefit: Avoiding costly and complex disaster recovery solutions.

This finalizes the Top 10 Uses For Virtualization. Let us know how you are using virtualization solutions at your Florida business. If you need help creating your Cloud, Sun Digital has helped businesses in Ocala, Gainesville and all over Central Florida, cut IT cost and become more efficient with Virtualization.

Top 10 Uses For Virtualization For Small Businesses In Florida-Part 1

Virtualization Benefits Small BusinessVirtualization seems to be the IT buzz word of the day, but what does it really mean for your business? In this 2 Part series we will explore the Top 10 uses for Virtualization, as determined by Dell in “The Many Applications of Virtualization” and why it’s important to your business. Let’s start with the first 5 reasons.

1.  Server consolidation, which gets the most attention when talking about Virtualization. This is taking multiple machines and crunching them down into a smaller footprint, while getting rid extra hardware and increasing the utilization of the server.

  • The business benefit:  A higher ROI per machine.  At Sun Digital, they have been able on average to migrate 7 traditional servers onto 1 virtual server (7-1 ratio)
  • 2.  Speeding up OS deployments. IT administrators spend alot of time doing things like rolling out new machines or applying software patches. With Virtualization and the consolidation of servers, they can do this much easier and faster.

      • The business benefit: IT will be more agile and responding to the needs of the day.

    3.  Disaster recovery is considered a major consideration for moving forward with a virtualization project.  With traditional servers, the complexity and cost usually deters small businesses from having a good disaster recovery plan, even here in Florida where a hurricane can not only wipe out your building but also your data. With everything consolidated the cost and complexity is no longer there.

      • The business benefit: Protected data and quicker business recovery time in the wake of a disaster.

    4.  High availability is considered one of the hidden secrets of virtualization.  Many of these performance monitoring features are built into the software layer and already integrated in the hardware. These are features that in the past have only been available in very high-end systems.

      • The business benefit: Your users experience a lower rate of system downtime, making them more productive.

    5.  Test systems. Virtualization, allows developers to change the “identity” of the environment they are testing against, so buying additional hardware to test against is unnecessary.

      • The business benefit: Cost avoidance for additional H/W, speed to market and developer confidence in rolling out applications or programs.

    In Part 2 of the Top 10 uses of Virtualization we will cover the remaining 6-10 uses. To find out more on how virtualization can benefit your business in the Ocala, Gainesville or Central Florida area, Sun Digital can help!

    Desktop Virtualization – Simplified For Florida Businesses!

    Desktop Virtualization WorkflowMany times when people hear the words virtualization, desktop virtualization, cloud, or applications in the cloud, they tune out because they think the concept is too technically complex to grasp. Most of us understand how the computer on your desk works. You login and like “magic” all of your documents, applications and email are there waiting for you. From an end user perspective the only difference between a traditional desktop and a virtual desktop is where you can login from!  With a Desktop Virtualization solution, users can log in from anywhere; home, on the road or at the beach, pretty simple right!.

    From an IT (information technology) perspective, the virtualized desktops are stored on a centrally located remote server rather than locally on the desktop machine itself.  All users can then connect to the central machine by a proprietary LAN (local area network), WAN (wide area network) or the internet.

    For an IT person desktop virtualization is an ideal system to administer, in 3 ways:

    1. User security profiles can be administered from a central point.
    2. Application patches and versions can be centrally maintained.
    3. All data can be backed up automatically and from one central point.

    Desktop virtualization is an ideal solution for businesses with branch offices, production centers, supply chain partners or field sales/representatives.

    Sun Digital is helping businesses in the Ocala, Gainesville and Central Florida area to become more efficient and cut operating cost with virtualization and cloud solutions. Sun Digital can help you demystify the “cloud” and find the right solution for your business.

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