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Buying New IT Equipment?-Cut Cost With Green IT & Virtualization

Virtualization Cuts IT CostsIs your company considering a new IT purchase? If so, this is a perfect time to think Green IT!

Many IT equipment manufactures have developed Green products to enable your company to cut energy consumption and also help cut IT costs.

Dell has developed  Dell Go Green, and interactive forum for people to share tips and ideas on general ways to Go Green and forum members rate the information. HP has specific tips and case studies on Green IT with their Green IT Tools and Tips. This is where I found the Green IT For Dummies Special Edition. This guide breaks Green IT down into very simple concepts, tips and examples. Two of these I found particularly useful for this blog topic.

1.  If your company is planning on retiring old IT equipment and purchasing new equipment, the guide suggests that you can include environmental questions into your purchasing requests like “…‘Are you ISO 14001 certified?’ or ‘Do the devices meet energy or environmental certifications?’ encourage your IT suppliers to demonstrate the environmental credentials of their company and the products you’re buying.”

2.   The guide also suggests server virtualization. “ …virtualization software which enables applications to run wherever there is room for them. Previously, a server might have run a single application. Now each one can run a mix of jobs and earn its keep more effectively. Reducing the amount of equipment, releases space and liberates the redundant machines for reuse or recycling.”

These are just two examples of things to consider if your company is planning on purchasing new IT equipment.  If your company needs help understanding the benefits of Green IT and virtualization, there are companies like Sun Digital , who is certified in Green IT and have helped  many businesses in the Ocala, Gainesville and Central Florida area Go Green and reduce cost with their IT.

Great Turn Out For The Sun Digital Electronics Recycle Drive

eRecycle Charity Drive Ocala FL

electronics donation for Ocala charity drive

There was a terrific response from the Marion County, Florida community in supporting Sun Digital’s first eRecycle drive on Dec. 8, 2010. More than 45 cars turned out on this extremely cold December day to drop off trunks full of old electronic equipment.  The event filled  a large size Uhaul and included: 83 computer towers and laptops, 75 printers, 32 CRT monitors and televisions, 15 flat screen monitors, 2 large flat screen TV’s,  5 cell phones, 5 diabetic testers, 160lbs of cords and cables, and 330lbs of miscellaneous electronic equipment. The hundreds of dollars were raised for the United Way of Marion County to benefit the community care fund . The benefit to the Florida environment-PRICELESS!

There were several pieces of feedback received.  The resounding theme over and over was, “Are you going to have another eRecycle drive?” and “Thank You for holding this drive, I’ve been holding on this old electronic equipment for a while” and “I didn’t want to just throw the electronics in the dump and didn’t know what else to do with it.” The answer is YES, Sun Digital will be hosting another eRecycle Charity Drive Mid January 2011 (exact date is TBD).  Just after the holidays is a perfect time to help people, who received new electronic equipment and are  trying to figure out what to do with the old electronic equipment.

The eRecycling drives help the Marion County community in multiple ways. They help people clear unwanted electronic equipment out of their homes and businesses. They help the environment by keeping old electronics out of landfills by responsibly recycling them.  In addition, they help generate revenue that can be donated to the local Marion County community.  Very few fundraisers can say this!

Electronics Recycling Charity Drive For United Way of Marion County

Recycle Computer Equipment

This is the time of year when people start to purge  old and unwanted items from their home and business.  It is almost guaranteed, that old electronic equipment is in that pile of unwanted items.  Don’t throw those items out! Take them to an recycling center or to a drive like the Sun Digital eRecycling drive in Ocala, FL, Wednesday, Dec. 8th from 7am-1pm.

Sun Digital is hosting an Electronics Recycling charity drive to benefit the United Way of Marion County. All proceeds Sun Digital earns from the drive will be donated to the United Way of Marion County’s, Community Care Fund.  The Community Care Fund helps over 20 non-profit organizations in Marion County that provide services to the local community.

With only 13.6% of all Electronic items being recycled, according to the Electronics Take Back Coalition summarized 2007 EPA report, this is a great opportunity for people help a local charity and to help the Florida environment.

Further eRecycling drive details and location; can be found on the Sun Digital Community & Event page

Marion County like many others around the United States, offer the community the ability to get rid of old electronic items via a dump location site, on the outskirts of town. This is not only inconvenient for many community members, but is not providing them with the alternative- RECYCLING!

This is a great community service being provided by Sun Digital that helps the Florida environment and a local charity.  Don’t let your electronic items end up in a dump, especially when you have an alternative!

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Sun Digital is the sponsor of this site and is committed to bringing Green IT awareness and solutions to small and medium size companies in the Ocala, Gainesville and Central Florida areas. Sun Digital is located at 7 East Silver Springs Blvd. Suite 202, Ocala FL 34470.

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