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Electronics Recycling Helps the Homeless In Marion County

Brothers Keeper Food DonationsSun Digital Charity Donation To Brothers Keeper Ocala FL

In October, Sun Digital held an electronics recycling charity event to benefit Brothers Keeper of Ocala Florida. Brothers Keeper is a social outreach ministry of Blessed Trinity Catholic Church. There was a fantastic turnout, where over 10 boxes of food was collected and almost $800 was raised from the electronics recycled.

These funds come at a good time. As the temperature drops, more and more homeless and improvised in Marion County count on organizations like Bothers Keeper to provide them with a hot meal each day.

With a down economy, the face of our homeless has changed.  We may all think of the man on the highway exit, as an example of what homeless people look like. However, more and more children, women, and single mothers are finding themselves in this situation. This is what makes Brother Keeper so special, not only do they supply the Interfaith soup kitchen with meals everyday but they also supply emergency care packages through the church.  Many of the impoverished families who ask for assistance are afraid to take their children to soup kitchen for safety reasons, but I also have to think that it takes a psychological toll on a child to know they have to go to the soup kitchen in order to eat.

During the holiday’s, we tend to reflect on our lives and remember all that we have been blessed with.  We also need to remember all those people who have not been so blessed this year. This  holiday season when you are out shopping for your holiday or party food, think about picking up a few items and drop them off  or you can just purchase a pre-filled bag at Publix and Brothers Keeper will pick them up.

Thanks to all who support the Sun Digital event! If you would like to be notified of upcoming electronics recycling events, please sign up for out Green IT Newsletter!

Sun Digital Sets Goal To Recycle 5 Tons Of Electronics In 2011

Pile Of Retired Computer EquipmentYesterday Sun Digital, inc. of Ocala Florida formally announced one of their 2011 Green IT goal’s of recycling 5 tons of retired electronic equipment.  In the press release sent out yesterday, Jim Bolain, Owner and Chief Technology Engineer of Sun Digital invites his clients and the local Marion County to join in the Recycle 5 in 2011 campaign. He believes that Ocala and the Marion County community can do better than the national average, where 82% of retired electronics are still ending up in landfills, as reported by the EPA in their 2009 eWaste report. The dumping of electronics that in landfills, can potentially do harm to soil and ground water around the landfill.

Why is the statistic so high? The reason we hear most often is that it is not convenient to recycle these items. Only certain dumps will take the items, which are often not conveniently located. This is the main reason why the eRecycle Charity events put on by Sun Digital have been so successful.  “The community and our clients have come to expect the regularly scheduled events”, states Jim Bolain, of Sun Digital.

This is great if you live the Ocala or Marion County area but what if you don’t? In previous blog posts we covered 3 Options On How To Recycle Your Retired Electronic Items if you are in an area that is not holding a regularly scheduled event. If you are not convinced that electronics recycling is important, then you need to take a look at 3 Reasons Why Old Electronics Don’t Belong In The Trash.

Please join Sun Digital in the Recycle 5 In 2011 campaign to recycle 5 tons of electronics in the Ocala and Marion County Florida area by participating in the June 22, 2011 eRecycle event. For event information please visit the Sun Digital Community and Events page

5 Things Not To Do When Implementing Desktop Virtualization-Part 1

End user adoption is a key aspect of rolling out any new IT system, product, software or gadget! Desktop virtualization and moving your company into the “cloud” has a tremendous benefit to your business but not implementing it with the end user in mind can be disastrous.  This 2 part series will explore the 5 most common mistakes made when implementing a virtualization solution, as  highlighted in Dell’s eGuide An Expert Guide To Desktop Virtualization Implementation along with the advice we give our clients.

Mistake 1: Take away the “nonessential” stuff users do.

Some business managers believe that they can save money by eliminating the users ability to do things that they may deem as “work distractions. Locking users out from being able to install applications like instant messaging,  or to watch videos or even listen to CD’s, can really anger the user.

You may believe that eliminating these “distractions” will make them more productive, instead this could backfire on you.  Consider implementing a company policy instead.

Mistake 2: Make it take longer to connect or start up.

Take into account the end users process for connecting to frequently used programs like Outlook.  You don’t want to make something that was a 2 step process of logon on the desktop and click on the icon into a 3, 4, or 5 step process.

Ask yourself “How will it work in the new virtual desktop environment? How long will it take users to get to their frequently used applications?” For example, will the user have to logon to the new thin client, then click on a browser, then enter your site, then enter his credentials (again), then wait for authentication,  then click the Outlook icon and finally Outlook opens. You just took a 2 step process and made it a frustrating 5 step process.  Take the time to visually map out end user processes and understand their threshold for additional steps that may be needed.

We will explore mistakes 3-5 in our next blog post. The benefits of desktop virtualization are widely agreed upon but your success in recognizing all of the benefits will be how your implement your virtualization solution.  Sun Digital, is helping businesses in the Ocala, Gainesville and Central Florida area successfully choose and implement the right virtualization solution for them.

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