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Virtualization Of Servers and Desktops Saves Florida Businesses Money and The Environment

Server virtualization is now considered one of the best ways to reduce IT costs, increase network performance, lower energy consumption and provide better utilization of your IT staff.

Companies who moved to server virtualization cut their hardware     costs in half!  In addition, a 2009/10 survey found that almost 50% of respondents said that virtualization solutions delivered tangible performance and cost benefits.

ITIC-Information Technology Industry Council, Laura DiDio, Principal

Virtualization helps business owners do more with less by providing them quicker solutions for disaster recovery, application provisioning and deployment, as well as decrease system downtime due to increased reliability.

Desktop Virtualization is also a component of Green IT that helps the Florida environment.  Desktop Virtualization provides businesses with better options for solving security and manageability issues that are inherent of traditional desktops environments.  By pulling the operating system and applications back to the data center, consolidates them to one site providing better manageability and security. Business owners can also cut IT support costs with virtual desktop solutions, as most user issue’s can be resolved by phone or over the Internet.

By resolving user issues remotely, Florida businesses that adopt virtual desktop solutions can also account for additional energy cost savings for gas and car emissions by eliminating the need for IT staff to travel to remote locations for support, making virtualization truly a Green IT solution.

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